ROBOCOV | Powertrain Collaborator

2021 | ROBOCOV is a disinfection and sanitary monitoring robot for campuses, hospitals and other facilities developed by Tecnologico de Monterrey. With the lastest technology on IA and electronics, it is able to clean and detect sanitary hazards on its own.

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ABE Smart Backpack | Creator

2018 | The innovative backpack includes GPS localization, illumination, wireless charging, theft alerts and more to provide the most functional companion. The project produced an international congress paper publication.

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ALS Hand Orthosis

ALS Hand Orthosis | Creator

2021 | The device is able to read ALS patient's muscle and brain signals and assist them in the movement of their hand as an exoskeleton. Collaboration with University of Illinois at Chicago.

Kerni Robot

Kerni Robot | Creator

2019 | An autonomous robotic platform for small and heavy transportation of goods that uses AI to move around closed spaces. The project produced an international congress paper publication.


QUANTHEM | Co-founder

2020 | An entrepreneurship project that develops domotics and IoT by means of security sensors and actuators for the home always connected to the user's phone.


NOVUS | 3D Printing Collaborator

2016 | One of the biggest projects in terms educational innovation at ITESM. I led the 3D printing area of the mathematics and physics classes to provide tangible visualization of technical concepts.

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Autonomous Platform

Autonomous Platform | Engineering Collaborator

2019 | A self-driving car platform using behavioural cloning algorithms in collaboration with ITESM at campus Puebla and Toluca. The predecessor of an autonomous warehouse lift truck presented by NATMA at the entrepreneurship festival INC Monterrey 2020.

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LER | Visual Arts Collaborator

2020 | A digital play of remote interaction between dancers, winners of Fondo Creativo from Laboratorio Arte A.C. for its presentation at entrepreneurship festival INC Monterrey 2020.

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iStudy App | Creator

2015 | A school-oriented application with 3D maps of the campus, schedules and homework managers, developed from scratch in Processing using Java.

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Kolaval | Social Service Collaborator

2018 | As part of a 400-hour social service project, the team analyzed and helped textile artisans from marginalized communities in Chiapas to develop a prosperous business model for their clothing products.

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ROV Submarine

ROV Submarine | Creator

2017 | A remote controlled sumbarine designed to analyze the lagoon systems of Tampico, Tamaulipas, México for parasite species affecting the fauna of the region.

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The Nature of Code Simulation

The Nature of Code Simulation | Creator

2015 | Based on The Nature of Code book from Daniel Shiffman, this is a group of simulations in a 3D environment featuring genetic algorithms, particle systems and automata, among other nature-inspired algorithms.

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